Smart TPM "Leading Efficiency"

Maintenance Management Smart TPM

Smart TPM is a smart system with integrated data capture that facilitates maintenance management under the standards TPM. Aimed at plant managers, production managers and maintenance, production operators and maintenance both internally and externally.

How does Smart TPM works?

SmartTPM helps us to accurately measure the loss of our processes. For this, it uses a set of standard technologies and tools. In terms of technologies, it includes the various elements of capture plant whose objective is to measure the productivity of our machines, processes, lines and plants. And on the other hand, it helps us to improve efficiently managing our resources. To do this, once identified losses, SmartTPM tells you the actions that will allow you to minimize such losses.

Smart TPM´s Value

  • The value proposition of SmartTPM focuses on the ability to help improve the efficiency of processes.
  • The philosophy is to follow the methodology TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), a culture of prevention: zero breakdowns, zero defects, zero accidents, which requires the participation of everyone in the organization.
  • SmartTPM allows us on one hand, measure the efficiency of our processes with tools like OEE and secondly, to improve these metrics and associated processes, thanks to the introduction of a system of self-maintenance and preventive maintenance based on TPM.


  • Data capture facility for automatic recording of production and productive and nonproductive time.
  • Allows production operators and maintenance (internal and external) to manage your work orders corrective, preventive and improvement.
  • Allows ranges of autonomous maintenance plan to be carried out by production personnel.
  • Allows production operators and maintenance (internal and external), execute and manage scheduled ranges work orders at the machine.
  • It incorporates a reporting and analysis tool for real-time oriented immediate decisions.
  • It’s a cross to the other module for managing the knowledge generated both for training and for troubleshooting.

Other advantages

  • 100% Web-native architecture platform (Windows Server, Linux, etc).
  • Prepared for the cloud and to work in virtual environments.
  • Architecture compatible with mobile Tablets and SmartPhones (Windows, iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry, etc..).
  • It is independent of PLC’s production.
  • Configurable and scalable.
  • Integration with ERP (Webservice, XML, ISA-95) and with production (machines, PLC’s, etc..).

Thanks to Smart TPM power and modularity it is possible to solve all kinds of maintenance management problems.

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