neoscan, the solution for your bills

neoscan, the solution for your bills

Are you still dealing with bills every month? Do you dream about automating the process? neoscan makes it possible.

neoscan is a neodoc Capture´s solution that allows you to automate the manual process of posting your bills, while minimizing time, cost and errorsf

neoscan scans and automatically captures the information contained in bills. With a single click you can scan, extract, verify and account for your bills.

How does neoscan work?

The time spent on capturing the information on bills involves costs on which neoscan can act directly: save time, storage space, easy access to physical documents, avoid errors in loading data...

  • Time: loss of time resulting from operations such as receiving and sorting, manual accounting, auditing, archiving and subsequent search.
  • Costs: resulting increase in time spent, storage costs and in many cases the most important, the opportunity costs generated by performing tasks with low added value.
  • Errors: any operation manual character often incurs unavoidable errors (wrong posting misfiled and even loss, etc..)

neoscan´s value

  • neoscan is easy to use. 
  • Agile: it comes to saving time, so we have developed an agile solution in all aspects. 
  • Efective: neoscan is not only fast, it is also reliable. Coming to have higher success rates of 80%. 
  • Standards based: this ensures integration with leading accounting software, ERP management and the market. 
  • Modular and flexible: neoscan can be modeled according to the needs of an organization.


  • EdasFacturas: Software approved by the Tax Agency and Provincial Councils of Navarra and Basque Country for sending and receiving electronic invoices with certified digitalization. 
  • Expertis: For the integral management of your company. 
  • IN3: IN3 accounting software for a complete application and automatically generate accounting entries. 
  • Libra: Accounting program to generate accounting entries automatically.


  • Digitalization certified and massive.
  • Automatic recognition of suppliers.
  • Extraction and data capture of invoices (OCR)
  • Interpretation and automatic validation.
  • Automatic generation of accounting entries
  • Possibility of using other capture systems.
  • Integration with leading industry standards.
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    Our company is specialized in groupware and knowledge management software integration and development. Our current mission is to develope Agile Enterprise Management solutions. Our motivation is knowing that non structured information (e-mails, paper, documents, etc.) and knowledge are continuously growing, so we are here to help the organizations with this real problem.

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