neodoc document management

neodoc document management

Neosystems has developed neodoc, the agile document management system, an ECM platform that covers the entire life cycle of the document (capture - management - delivery), which is composed of two main blocks (Capture and Management). Thanks to its advanced functionalities, neodoc is usefull for all kinds of projects whatever the issue or sector is.

capture - management - delivery

neodoc Capture is used to capture and automatically classify any type of document, whether it is structured or not, thanks to the powerful semantic technology.


Within this module we would highlight neoscan, a specific solution for invoices that has been very successful over the years.

management As for the management part, neodoc Management is a web platform for advanced document management across the spectrum. Both modules are offered independently and, thanks to standards like CMIS, can be integrated with third-party solutions.

neodoc is a platform for document management and enterprise content so agile that cost savings, improved performance and return on investment are guaranteed.

neodoc´s value

  • neodoc is complete, it serves all parts of the document lifecycle, scanning and capture, management and delivery
  • Also it is agile. Companies require solutions that are easy to use, fast and powerful. neodoc is a solution that ensures the successful implementation and ensures a high return on investment.
  • And finally, neodoc integrates with platforms such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office, DropBox, etc.., And uses standards like CMIS.

neodoc for everyone

  • neodoc fits all kinds of companies, whatever the sector or issue is, thanks to its easy and quick parameterization.
  • In these ten years history neodoc has provided solutions to: health, energy, construction, engineering, public administration, industry, logistics etc..
  • Ultimately, neodoc is aimed at all organizations and companies that want to improve their competitiveness, reduce costs and advance the management and control of their document processes and contents.

Other advantages

  • Access via web interface. It is a simple and intuitive application
  • With its responsive design, standards-based html5, neodoc is mobile: you can be accessed from anywhere, through any device with a browser.
  • It allows you to manage alerts (very useful when a period ends or expires)
  • It incorporates social features (sharing, I like, favorite, follow)

Companies that have so far implemented neodoc document management have increased productivity. His faithfulness has proven so.

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