Flame retail analytics

Flame Analytics

Flame is a revolutionary software that helps you to better understand your customers: what they like, what attracts them and how they behave… A tool that gives you a real analytic of your space. You will optimize your business and make better decisions based on objective data.

- Flame, an agile solution

- Real plug and Play

- The most complete (wifi, video, etc)

How Flame works


Heat mapsHeat maps: The main challenge for any business with a commitment to conversion is to find out what customers want and what they look for in your store, local, supermarket, shopping centre, pharmacy, etc. With Flame you will know which areas of your store are more attractive, how your customers move, what products they touch, where they stand, etc. With this information you can optimize layout, get a better in-store experience and validate your strategic plan.

AffluenceAffluence: You can also find out the number of visits you receive in a certain period of time. That will help you to manage your staff effectively, estimate rush hours, etc. People counters are systems that provide accurate and reliable data which indicates the number of visitors that have come into the store or business or in a particular area thereof.

Presence:Presence:: Find out your customers return and increase customer’s loyalty. Also know the average time spent at your local, so you can increase your customer’s engagement. If you doubt about your location suitability or your window design, knowing how many passersby you attract can be very useful.

ConversionConversion: For any business is vital to measure its conversion rates (sales per visit, average ticket, etc.) Thanks to Flame, you will have this information and will be able to validate your action plans and your management based on objective data. You will quickly maximize your business profitability and effectiveness.

Amazing benefits

Amazing benefitsGENERATE HIGHER SHOPPER ENGAGEMENT.With Flame you can find out and increase your dwell time (average time spent in your store), that is, how long are customers inside your store or business.

BUILD CUSTOMERS LOYALTY.With the real world analytics you find out your customers return and the uptake percentage. Know how many of your customers visit your business again.

MANAGE YOUR STAFF EFFECTIVELY. With Flame analytics you can estimate rush hours and manage schedules, breaks, holidays…

LAYOUT OPTIMIZATION.Place the products properly, locate promotions correctly, make transition in your space easier and get the best possible visitor experience.

A SOLUTION TO THE DROPOUT CRISIS.Identify issues with shopper bounce. Are your customers leaving without buying? Do not waste more opportunities! With Flame you can meet the dropout rate and make the right decisions.

VALIDATE YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN.Have you ever done an advertising campaign but you could not measure the results? Optimize marketing at the sale point. Measure ROI for each marketing campaign.

MAKE YOUR MANAGEMENT MORE EFFECTIVE.In Flame we think that “if you do not measure, you do not improve.” Therefore, we encourage you to validate your management through objective data.

IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSION RATES.Maximize your business revenues. Make visitors become customers, increase your sales, maximize your business revenues and ultimately, become more efficient.

ATTRACT PASSERSBY.Validates your store location, make the most of your window and get more visits. Take the best decisions based on facts and reliable information.

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