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Who are we?

Neosystems is a specialized engineering technology born in the year 2004 with a clear objective: to develop innovative solutions to help our customers and make their processes more agile.

In our ten-year history on Neosystems we have always have taken advantage of technological excellence to design and develop innovative solutions aligned with the needs of our customers.

Neosystems aims to make more agile companies management . AGILE because is our understanding of the work to our customers, to our employees... summarizing agile methodology for all

Neosystems: where technology makes sense

Our team consists of software engineers, industrial engineers, experts in information security, retail, finance, marketing... In short, the high technical level of the team makes easier to detect customer´s needs and to understand their casuistry and objectives pursued. The empathy and honesty are key patterns in Neosystems.

The team

From the beginning, we have faced each project and proposed solution as a challenge, so its development focus to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers, providing them with dedication, professionalism and technological excellence solutions. We are in a continuous process of improvement and enhancement. 

I+D+i (research and development) is our hallmark and it is a vital element in the development of the company. Therefore, we apply it in our technology projects, which allows us to contribute and innovate to meet specific requirements.

Our pillars

- Overcoming customer´s expectations in every service, project or product.

- Innovation. Constant research

- Professional ethics. Honesty and integrity

- And our mainstay: our team: young, professional, prepared, trained, committed... 

Our commitment

- We pledge to provide you with an exceptional service and react in a flexible and fast way before your requests. 

- Also, we will pay care necessary to detail

  • Neosystems

    Our company is specialized in groupware and knowledge management software integration and development. Our current mission is to develope Agile Enterprise Management solutions. Our motivation is knowing that non structured information (e-mails, paper, documents, etc.) and knowledge are continuously growing, so we are here to help the organizations with this real problem.

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